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Understanding Binary Options – Trade Rush

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Understanding Binary Options – Trade Rush

In general, companies in brokerage industry always try to design their website as much straightforward as possible. That’s why TradeRush has become more outstanding with quite strange issues. A starter will be informed exactly how much longer there was to place a trade and how much longer until expiration instead of a short expired period note. We highly appreciate this section because of its clearness and its visible location, somewhere right above on the payout percentage of your chosen assets.
TradeRush’s clients have 5 different trading instruments to select via clearly defined tabs. They are traditional Call/Put binary options, One Touch Options, 60 Second and Options Builder.
We have tested all options alternatively and conclude that all of them are equally clear, well-designed and intuitive to use.

Bear in mind that in the options where you can setup your trade with particular risk reward percentage named Option Builder, the minimum required for a trade is $100 while the maximum is $1,000. This max size is slightly lower than the standard maximum of $1500 for the other option types.

There are two ways to view available options: the list one named the “Pro view” and the other named the “Fast view”. It’s not surprising at all that these two uncommon options are being organized in the same look.

In case you have problem during your trades, you can contact with supportive team directly via a live chat window, which is located on the right side of the trading platform. Furthermore, you have a live feed updating field from Yahoo! Finance inside the platform to help you make decisions easier.
TradeRush Features
More than just regularly simple updating news from Yahoo! feed, TradeRush also offers a more professional tool; it is their market analysis. They provide an ample snapshot of every important change in the industry at any time. Daily, they are provided along with key economic indicators on the website, as well as in email sending to all members. However, there are no in-depth technical analysis were found.

As usual, we love to make trade on our favorite 60 Seconds Option. Somehow it is not a common trading style, but it certainly contains a rather uncommon trading style, but it certainly contains the essence of binary options trading as a quick way to profit.
On each given day, we were offered about 70 underlying assets, which were classified in stocks, indices, commodities and currency pair categories to trading.
Thanks to the availableness of One Touch option, traders have ability to trade on office hours as well as on weekends.
Banking options offered on TradeRush are wire transfer, credit card or MoneyBookers. You can choose either USD or EURO to finish your process.

TradeRush Review: Customer Service
Similar to other binary options trading service, TradeRush offers help from teams of the experienced for its customer through email and chat, or by phone with a local phone number in the US and Canada. They are available 6 days a week while Representatives can be reached in the GMT time zone on Sunday from 8am-7pm, from Monday through Fridays from 8am-1:00AM.TradeRush Review: Ease of Use

We have noticed that welcome extras information is not published on the main site as almost other brokers in both binary options and Forex market. It’s quite complicated that you have to contact with their teams to get such basic features. However, their offers won’t disappoint you since they are extremely competitive deposit bonuses.

Another minus point of TradeRush is given due to its lack of a demo account. Instead, a relatively comprehensive overview is clearly performed by a video that lasts for only 3 minute. Above all, just like other web-base trading website, you will have to face no difficulties from registration to trade execution.TradeRush Conclusion

In summary, all of us have our own advantages and disadvantages, and so does a binary options broker TradeRush. No matter what you say, you cannot deny that this an immovable broker has gained too many success in meeting the needs of traders with different asset preferences and trading styles along with payout levels on the higher end of the industry standard.

9 Binary Option Strategies – How To Gain Money ?

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9 Binary Option Strategies – How To Gain Money ?

While options should not be used for a large part of your portfolio, you can still use them. Combining a small percentage of your funds with these 9 options strategies can turbo-charge your returns by allowing you to profit from any type of stock market situation.
Before we get into the 9 strategies, make sure you visit .Now, let’s review some option basics:
1. An option is a contract to buy or sell 100 shares of a specific stock at a certain price by the third Friday in a certain month.

2. A call option is a contract to buy shares of a stock at the strike price by expiration. Since the value of a call option goes up when the stock goes up, the buyer of a call option is bullish, while the seller is bearish.
3. A put option is a contract to sell shares of a stock at the strike price by expiration. Since the value of a put option goes up when the stock goes down, the buyer of a put option is bearish, while the seller is bullish.

Now, let’s look at these nine strategies, from most bullish to most bearish: 1. Long Call – This is simply buying a call option. This is the most bullish, and is a good strategy if you think that a stock will go up in price in a certain amount of time.

2. Bull Call Spread – This is buying a call at one strike price, and then selling short another call at a higher strike (the options should have the same expiration month). This is similar to a long call, except that it is slightly less bullish. The premium generated from the short call will offset some of the long call premium (thus reducing your maximum loss), but your profit is capped if the price reaches the strike price of the short call. In other words, if the stock continues to go up, you will not make any more money.

3. Short Put – This is writing a put contract, so that you agree to buy 100 shares of a stock from the put buyer. This is a very mild bullish position – if the market soars, it won’t make as much as a long call or bull call spread, but it can also make you money if the stock stays unchanged or dips slightly.

4. Covered Call – This is short selling a call option when you already own 100 shares of the stock. Since you do not have to buy stock on the open market in order to fulfill the contract, this is considered the most conservative options strategy, and is the only one allowed in an IRA. It’s bias is the same as a short put.

5. Long Straddle – This is buying a call option, and then buying a put at the same strike price and expiration. This is a strategy that is neutral in direction, but long volatility. In other words, you use this strategy when you think that a stock will have a big move in a short amount of time, but you are not sure if it will be up or down. This strategy will make money if the stock soars or tanks.

6. Short Straddle – The opposite of a long straddle. This is selling short a call and put that are both at the same strike and expiration. This is a strategy that is a bet against volatility. This position will make money if the stock stays unchanged or goes up or down only a little.
7. Short Call – This is writing a call contract, so that you agree to sell 100 shares of a stock to a call buyer. This is a very mild bearish position – if the market tanks, it won’t make as much as a long put or bear put spread, but it can also make you money if the stock stays unchanged or goes up slightly.
8. Bear Put Spread – This is buying a put at one strike and selling another put (same month) at a lower strike. This is slightly less bearish than a long put. Again, your premium paid (max. loss) is reduced at the expense of capping your profits.
9. Long Put – This is simply buying a put option. This is the most bearish strategy, and is good if you think that a stock will go down in a certain amount of time.
See here and learn more about these strategies – since not everything could be put in just one article.

24 Option

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24 Option

24 Option is an innovative and smart way for investors to use easy to understand tools and get profit. As compared to other options, 24 option is a bit different because assets have shortest as well as longest time period. When a customer checks the tag “high/low” the options are dropped down with their possible expiry time. At the beginning of the list, assets with sixty seconds expiry time are given. At the end of the drop down list, the assets have almost 1 day expiry time. It is up to trader to select stocks or indexes.

It is one of the best solutions for investors who want to get high profit at low risk and it is one of the top binary robots. 24 Option is an authentic binary option which is officially regulated by CySec. It gives surety that the investment of customers is safe and secure. Due to reliable method, customers relay on this option and use it to earn the highest profit. It is fraud free and risk free method which gives user interference for ideal trade. The trading process is simple because step by step guidance and live charts are provided with each and every asset. Just click on the asset and you can see relevant information.

It is the quality of 24 option that it provides free demo account to initiators. Just start with virtual money and learn the basic techniques for real trade. 24 Option gives a lot of benefits to a customer that is why it is accepted by worldwide customers. There are a lot of simple but effective tools which gives information about the up and down in the market.

The platform of this unique trade has remarkable setup. It is noteworthy that 24 Option platform has never received any complaint.

Bonus Offer

It is natural customers want to get bonus. 24 Option provides great offers to allure the traders. The clients can get 30% bonus. If you have submitted 100 dollars, you can get bonus as well to make your trade more effective and profitable.

Withdrawal Options

You may have noticed that trading systems have a complicated way to withdraw the money. 24 Option has used dependable platform to withdraw the profit easily. You will never face problems while withdrawing your money. There are no restrictions to withdraw a certain amount.

We offer our services for withdrawal. The members can use Moneybookers, Wire Transfer or Credit Cards to get their profit. The trading platform for this system is 100% guaranteed and beneficial. There are no hard and fast rules for trade, just have an internet connection and a device to get login. The members can use laptop, desktop or Smartphone to get connected with world best binary option system.

Here are some of the features of this platform:

7 days a week service

Commodities, index, stock and Forex

Free account offer for all members

Boundary options

Touch or No-touch options

Hide or low options

Fraud free service for all members

Amount to invest is within your means


New members don’t need to spend a week in understanding the 24 option.The method is simple and members can get experience within a few days. You have to select one of your ideal assets and opt for the type of instrument (boundary, one touch, high or low) and the movement of price. At the end, confirm the amount for which you are making an investment. It is a great source for beginners who have low investment as well as least experience to have gainful trade. Also, make sure you check the best binary option robots.

Binary Options Trading – The Real Truth

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Binary Options Trading – The Real Truth

Just like trading stock, binary options trading requires use and knowledge of strategies to place the odds on one side to gain money in long term. There actually are two main kinds of tentative trading strategies in world of professional binary options trading: it’s the technical analysis and the fundamental analysis which we will examine in first place. After that, we will deal with two empirical methods which are widely shared on web: martingale and the trading with traders’ tendency tools. If you are in hurry for information, go to

Technical analysis

Technical analysis – or the chart analysis –means studying the exchange rate charts of diverse assets so as to predict their potential orientation. This kind of analysis is completely based on Dow Theory.

The theory was identified by financial analyst and the co-founder of Wall Street Journal, based on principle that “market remembers”. It means that what was observed in past, reiterates itself yet again today as well as in future. That means, analysis of the charts histories has let the technical analysis identify particular contexts wherein it becomes probable to predict future orientation of exchange rate with significant reliability.
This technical analysis thus consists of studying charts using the technical indicators and observing the candlestick charts patterns and / or pattern of graphics. This type of examination is used most commonly by traders. Many websites and books will inform you on its learning, its application method and different strategies linked with it. See here and learn more.

Fundamental analysis

This is the second option of market analysis to trade binary options. This method exclusively focuses on the economic statistics and overall economic climate in order to predict future orientations of exchange rate. For instance, the crisis of the year 2008 was an outstanding opportunity to stake downward on the major publicly-traded companies, particularly the investment and funds banks. On smaller scale, lots of economic indicators get published daily.

All such economic figures are accessible in economic calendars that are available on the web. Synchronized monitoring of the new ones can easily help you make decisions to decrease or increase the principal instruments that are traded in binary options, including the currency pair of the Fx market.

Trading with the traders’ tendency indicator 

Next empirical method seen regularly on the web involves monitoring tool for “indicators of traders’ tendency” provided by online broker. This tool describes balance of position at the sale and purchase of every index at given moment. Offered by the broker, tool shows you percentage (%) of clients with position at purchase and percentage (%) of clients with position at the sale for defined financial assets. The customers of online broker can’t trade on the Wall Street but a few have audacity to trade the “by instinct”. Therefore, this sort of tool becomes totally obsolete and its dependability is totally unsure or even totally absent.


The Basics Of Binary Options Trading

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The Basics Of Binary Options Trading

The market of binary options is one among the most innovative and exciting markets in derivative space, which recently have become available to the retail investors.  These options are known to be nothing or all options, which use considerable leverage which lets investors to harvest 75-85 percent gain on every trade.  For those people who are newer to this thrilling market, we’ve put together “five most essential tips” that must be followed to attain successful return. It is considered that you must have one of the Best binary option robots.

1) Understand Binary Options Products and Market

Binary Options are known “nothing or all” options. It means that the investor will get a payout almost 1.7 times of notional amount which is bet or nothing.  For example on a $100 Call options trade wherein S&P 500 moves high relative to strike price, investor will get $170 dollars back.  If S&P 500 move lower, investor will not receive anything (meaning investor lose $100 dollars). The returns either are a gain of whopping 75%, or loss of a staggering 100 percent.

Some binary options offer investors the options of selling their digital options when those are in money, but majority of the options settle when time of option expires.  For instance, a daily digital option will have specific expiration date / time, and payout isn’t determined until options expire.

2) Find a Reputed Binary Options Broker

Locating a reputed broker in this world of binary options takes research and time.  There are lots of players in this industry, and investors have to find brokers who have solid reviews and staying power – or choose one of several top binary robots.  Brokers in this particular industry take opposing position on every trade and “don’t” lay off their risks.  This means that digital options brokers have vested interests in their customers losing wealth.  In most of the other retail industries, the broker lay off his risk and thus has vested interests in his clients having more victorious trades than just losing and increasing number of transactions they trade on.

3) Find Robust Binary Options Trading Strategies

To navigate the digital options market successfully, traders have to win much more than they losing.  A trader has to win around 55% of time to break, which means Binary Options Strategy which is employed has to focus on victory much more in opposition to get more on every trade.  The break out strategy generally is the most excellent strategies to make use of in comparison to the trend following strategy.

4) Trade Binary Options Daily

In general, short period horizons work against the traders.  Hourly binary option (and shorter period) works against an investor providing the broker receives 15% commission as an offer/bid spread (payout 70% for each 85 percent wagered).  With odds stacked against investor, trading longer or daily options with a strong binary options strategy gives the investor with best likelihood of attaining solid return.

5) Have Realistic Goal

Digital Options are outstanding tools for trading, but they aren’t the panacea towards getting rich speedily.  Binary options are” below or above” options in which the investors just need to select a direction, however underneath the hood, such products are quite complicated and enjoy major leverage.  Key to success therefore is to search for realistic returns, in opposition to earning 500 percent within 3 months.

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